Class B
CDL Exam (Timed)

General Knowledge CDL Tests
Air Brakes Tests

The Class B exam questions and answers come from the following sections in your state CDL manual:

Section 1 – Introduction
Section 2 – Driving Safely
Section 3 – Transporting Cargo Safely
Section 5 – Air Brakes (if applicable)
Section 11 – Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Test
Section 12 – Basic Vehicle Control Skills Test
Section 13 – On-Road Driving

For your convenience, this Class B exam combines the General Knowledge and Air Brakes exams. However, these exams must be taken separately at the DMV.

The questions on every state Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) official exam are taken directly from that state’s CDL manual. All CDL manuals are based on FMCSA (FEDERAL) regulations, which do NOT change from state to state.