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Our testing is guaranteed to be mistake free. If you find a mistake in our tests, we will refund your money. Note: This doesn’t include mistakes on certain state CDL manuals. There are a few questions that are technically in error because certain states have failed to update their CDL manual after the FMCSA (the Federal Guidelines) has made rule changes. We have contacted these state departments about the inconsistencies as well as made sure we inform our subscribers about this as well as how they should answer the questions on their official state exams.

You don’t. We guarantee to prepare you to pass your state exams. But the questions you get may be slightly different than you received through our training. The states constantly change the questions to prevent cheating, and don’t permit sharing the answers online. Any website or training that promises to have the exact questions you’ll get on the official exams is, to put it bluntly, lying.

Nope. Regardless of what state you live in, each and every state’s written CDL exam is based on Federal Guidelines taken from the same information. Think about it, do you really believe that the way you drive a big truck changes from one state to the next? Is there a different braking technique on a mountain in Colorado than there is in Alaska? Are Hazmat placards placed in a different location on your trailer depending on what state you’re in? Not so much. Practicing with our CDL tests will prepare you to pass EVERY CDL written exam, in ALL states!

That being said, it’s essential that you read your state CDL manual – instant access here https://www.truckercountry.com/state-cdl-manuals/. Your CDL manual has specific information for your state, such as fees, testing locations, phone numbers for your local testing centers, and their hours of testing and service. They may also offer CDL study guides that could further prepare you for the CDL permit exam.

That’s entirely up to you!

First, it depends on how much you already know!. Do you know some of the information? None of it? Either way, the main thing is that you know yourself. The more you know about the testing areas, the less time you’ll need!

Also, how quickly do you learn? And how do you learn best? By watching videos, listening to MP3s, practical taking of practice tests, seeing the information? Well, luckily for you, our training accommodates all of those types of learners.

Next, do you just need to learn the 3 main testing areas truck drivers are required to know? General Knowledge, Combination Vehicles, and Air Brakes? Or do you need additional endorsements like Hazmat, Doubles/Triples, or Tanker? There’s also our Passenger Vehicles and Pre-Trip Inspection training modules if that’s what you need.

It also depends on how much time you have. But plan on spending at least a few hours a day watching the videos and taking the accompanying practice tests if you want to get finished as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, you can train as long as you wish, 24/7, and take the tests as many times as you need.

Go to Trucker Country’s Truck Driving Schools page and access your state page, which has the following resources to help you prepare to pass your official state exams:

  • Link to state CDL requirements
  • DMV locations, costs, and more
  • Your state CDL manual to reference as you take our practice tests.
  • Link to truck driving schools near you
  • Additional information about your state exams

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