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These are the 4 training tools we use to help you prepare...

Each CDL practice test is multiple choice. After each question, you immediately get the correct answer, along with a helpful CDL manual reference for you to look up if desired.  This will give you confidence that each answer is correct, and that you're being thoroughly prepared.
Every test is covered by an instructional video. I read each question, and possible answers. The correct answer is given, along with CDL manual reference. Then you can watch as I go over the corresponding section in the manual and explain sections where necessary.
Tests are also covered by MP3s which you can listen to on your smartphone while you're on the your car or truck, before you go to sleep or when you wake up, when you're having breakfast, down at the DMV before you take the test... Well, you get the idea!
The final step is our timed Master Exams. After you've listened to the MP3s, watched the videos, and taken those tests yourself, these exams will show you how well you really know your stuff...before you actually go down to the DMV and take the official state exams.

The first step on the path to becoming a trucker is getting your CDL Permit. To get your CDL Permit, you must pass the state CDL Exams.  Taking practice tests is the quickest and most simple way to get your CDL… without paying for what you don’t need!

General Knowledge CDL Tests

Member Benefits


Access videos that combine tests and CDL manual for fastest learning.


Each practice test page has MP3s you can listen to on your smartphone.


Exams are timed with the same amount of questions found on the official DMV cdl exams.


General Knowledge, Combination Vehicles, Air Brakes, HazMat, Tanker & Doubles/Triples. (Also Passenger and Pre-Trip).


Skip any number of questions on each test just as you can do on the real DMV exam.


Accurate, time-tested questions based on your state's official CDL handbook.


Ask us any CDL testing related question and we'll get back to you ASAP.


Based on the most recent DMV laws for your state. In sync with the DMV: updated if the laws change.


CDL Exam Facts

1. You DON'T Have to Study the DMV manual to Pass the State Exams

Yes, you CAN just study the CDL manual to prepare, but it’s dry and sometimes hard to absorb. That’s why so many future truckers have had success with our practice tests. It’s the quickest and easiest way to passing the state exams! 

2. You can prepare for EVERY state exam with our practice tests

All state CDL exams are based  on their state CDL manual, which is based on FMCSA guidelines and don’t change from state to state. Our CDL test training system will prepare you to pass EVERY state written CDL exam.

3. Combining Different Methods of Learning Will Help You Remember Information Better!

With our new video and MP3 instruction that covers each practice test, you will be learning by watching, listening, reading, and taking tests. These different methods combine to help various types of learners… Auditory, Visual, and Tactile.

  • Auditory Learners learn best by hearing or listening (listening to videos and MP3s).
  • Visual Learners learn best by seeing (watching videos, which include reading tests questions and CDL manual in video) .
  • Tactile Learners learn best by doing (by taking practice tests).

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  • DMV Simulated Timed Exams include: General Knowledge, Hazardous Materials, Air Brakes, Combination Vehicles, Tank Vehicles, Doubles & Triples, Pre-Trip Inspection, and Passenger Vehicles... plus our Class A and Class B combined exams
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